Hello, my name is Anna Hardman and I am the founder of Mothers Matter Doula Care. My goal is to nurture confident, capable mothers. I started Mothers Matter after suffering from postpartum depression myself. As an overwhelmed, stressed, depressed mother I began to search for some help, something to grasp onto to drag myself out of the rough patch I was going through. What I found was pretty shocking, I found a bunch of contradicting advice on postpartum healing and mood disorders, and not much of it was based on evidence. I ¬†wondered just why is it so hard to find support and information for the postpartum woman here in the United States. Why is the postpartum period so grossly neglected and misunderstood? Why are our women in the U.S. sent home from the hospital and told that they will be back to their “non-pregnant state” in about 6 weeks, with no other support, no in-home care, no follow up calls from the health care providers checking in on how the newly postpartum woman is managing her new role as a mother? So I decided to do something about it. Mothers Matter is an all inclusive postpartum doula service that assists new families (or families just adding more new additions) with practical help around the home, pet care, meal prep, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, emotional support, older sibling care, running errands, and much more. I am here for the single mother struggling, the mother that has to extended family to step in and help, the mother who has just been left alone all day while the father returns back to work, or the mother who still just doesn’t “feel like herself” years after giving birth. I also assist with pre-natal services such as reviewing birth plans or helping put one together, proper nutrition during pregnancy, prenatal depression and mood disorders, and more. I myself am a mother of 3 boys. I have bottle fed my oldest and breastfed my youngest two. ¬†I have been through 2 miscarriages, and know how real and devastating that loss is. As stated before I have had postpartum depression. Empowering and uplifting others mothers is where my heart truly lies.